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September 22, 2010

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Walking the streets of Mumbai yesterday during the Ganpati celebrations I avoided the paint powders being thrown around and shot some video on my mobile. These are just a few clips after editing quickly on the phone and uploading. We followed one of the parade routes to the sea. Thousands join this procession. Many of the roads were closed and there were few cars around. At the sea Ganesh is left to be submerged. On the streets the noise is deafening and at the beach a peaceful tranquility seems to set in. It went on till late!

In other news today…. CWG or the Commonweath Games are in a mess and “shame” is the word on TV. India as always a country of contrasts.

  • India may be a country of contrasts; it also has its share of contradictions which may baffle outsiders but they nonetheless escapes the locals. For example, the artists who created those idols, especially the clay ones are untouchables who are deemed to be not worthy of collegiality. The other point is that this particular celebration should illustrate the true nature of Hindu practice of idol worship. Yes it is true that Hindus worship idols, but they are not icons. A particular idol has divine significance only between the initial and final rituals. Before and after they are just clay.

  • Aswath. Thanks for the explanation and perspective. Appreciate it.

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