Ecomm Intro – First Speaker Richard Nespola

June 27, 2011

in Mobility, VoIP

I think I’ve attended every eComm that’s been held since Lee Dryburgh began them. Lee’s opening and mentioning the select group that is here. It’s true… and probably the only place in the world you can get the information that will be shared over the next few days.  Let’s hope it continues. I’ll try and blog these conversations by paraphrasing what I hear.

Richard P. Nespola, TMNG Global has a slide up… with the evolution of the communications and finishing with Twitter and 140 characters. Unfortunately he is pitching his company and clients currently.  Relationships will all be tied to one specific device. The SmartPhone as the centre of the new ecosystem. Voice communications has become an app like the swiss army knife…

What drives this growth? Stimulated by smartphones and the partnering that is required with network providers and their capability to support the innovation cycle. Showing a slide with mobile app downloads – hockey stick reference. Looking at a 37.50 dollar billion market by 2014. Size, velocity of change, and growth!

What is enabling these converged services.

  1. Social networks and time spent. No new points here.
  2. Video Calling. Tango 8 million times, 82 million Facetime devices. According to Rich – what will be the necessary capacity to support this? Simply says is a difficult challenge for all the operators. YAWN! Upgrades will take time.
  3. Latest – Mobile payments. Shifting sands and changes of relationships. Eg between Visa and network operators. Now that marketplace is opening. We know this present challenges etc. (Innovators will win quickly when this reduces current costs by a factor of 10 – my view … work to that).

Voice Services Evolution.

  • Cloud voip providers have prolifereated in teh cloud community. Examples 8X8 and Ring Central (These are old examples)
  • Expansion of HD Voice.
  • Divergent OTT VOice Business modes… like Skype and Fring.
  • Or Voice Delivered as an App.

The large ecosystem players… Her refers to Microsoft and Google, Apple and Facebook. Example… take a look at Google. Eg how look at the subscriber concept beyond Android. They can’t do just with Android.. need partners in a model –  What we are talking about is how these compete to get a captive user experience.

We selected four companies that participated in the tranformation of voice. twillio, Yammer, WhatsApp, Viber and HarQen. They have high profile investors.

Now asking questions…

Unfortunately I’ve heard nothing new in this first presentation. What I want to learn is what’s happening in the next two to three years? Dean Bubley asks a question on NFS – doesn’t result in an answer. I just asked a question about notifications and signaling systems can’t say I got an answer either that seemed to go anywhere.



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