Sensors and Frames by the end of the decade.

June 27, 2011

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Szymon Slupik will talk about the mobile phone  in 2020. 1973 the original… and then 2007 the iPhone and a moment of proliferation. Looking forward am expecting internet glasses to replace the role of the smartphone. In the past the phone was just a phone. Today it is no longer a phone. Voice is now a VAS.

The Phone is a computer or a personal teleputer. It is born with genes from a computer and the phone. We use it now for many things. The common thing is it enabled us to communicate over a distance. Voice was always organized in sessions with a beginning and an end. Today conversations are organized in threads and they never end. They run continuously and in parallel. You keep them running and this is how our brain works. SO we are using this device to enable this gateway to communicate to the other side. The more we use it … the more we communicate with the cloud. So we will be telecoupling with other brains and the brains of the cloud. So bringing the analogy… acoustic coupling… they will change into direct via our wireless gateways.

So how do we get there and when? The key is to bypass tiny screens and keyboards. The reason is… the bandwidth exceeds the bandwidth between the device and my eyes and my ears. screenless and touchless is our future. We just have to get rid of them. Two basic technolgoies… 1 Laser based displays that will reflect light and create a pictures and this device is so small that it can already be integreated into glasses. It also has a features of being able to draw this right on your retina. So this will superimpose and add information into a mixed re4ality vision. The second techology we must master is the controller by mind. There are many projects in Universities that enable animals etc that are hardwired to navigate etc. Humans are also navigating using Mice movements etc . So picture of glasses with gps, microphones, streaming info from you and to the cloud directly back to your eyes

Sensors and frames by the end of the decade!

Nice crisp clear presentation!

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