Improving How You Use Google+ Circles – Via Christopher Allen

July 14, 2011

in Google+

Christopher Allen has a very detailed post on his Google+ learnings over the last two weeks. If you haven’t spent time in G+ then it will seem overwhelmingly complicated. Managing Circles, Posting, Reading etc.  I happened to like it and I think I’m effectively tracking his learning path.  I too dumped my first set of Circles and I’ve used his trick today after reading about it to number my Circles and thus get the order and attention list I want in my sidebar.

He’s got some great tips re Bookmarking a post to read later. Create a Circle and put yourself it in. Share to that Circle. Similarly he’s created another “Drafts” using the same mechanism. I like this!

To start with, I have some basic rules for which Circles to place people in:

  • When I’m notified that someone is following me, I add them to “FOLLOWS ME” and an appropriate other Circle. If I vaguely recognize a follower’s name or face, I put them in “Familiar Strangers”. If I don’t recognize them at all but they look interesting, I add them to “Friendly Strangers”.
  • When I’m notified that someone has +1’ed, commented, or mentioned me in a post, I add them to “Core Audience” and the appropriate sub-Circle. I will also make sure that the other Circles they are in are correct.
  • If I discover while I’m reading that someone is too noisy for the Circle I selected, I’ll move them to a more appropriate Circle—or place them in the “Noisy” Circle or even block them.

With a two week old product all advice could be outdated in days. Similarly there are lots of little things I’d potentially like. Christopher also adds some good comments and advice to public vs private and how they should be shared.

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