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August 23, 2011

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My links and notes.

  • How the internet and its pricing really work – Brad Templeton – nice analogy – Well the problem is clear enough… and yes the people will probably still get screwed. Say no to the Internet tax! It's the same as Visa wanting a higher % commission when in fact.. with electronics and more it should cost less and less to maintain "trust" in the system.
  • Via @andyabramson "I can see Clear-ly now" – a snippet wireless future scenario – "First the AT&T merger with T-Mobile happens. It will come at a price and that price is competition (well perceived competition anyway.) The way it works is T-Mobile and AT&T will be forced to divest a percentage of their markets where they have say more than 50 percent market share combined. That divestiture will go to guess who? The cable guys who have the cash and as soon as they buy up Clearwire, a lot of spectrum to run LTE." <br />
    What do you think? His conclusion is… Sprint and Google go together.
  • Apple iPad Starts Replacing Cash Registers Everywhere. – Useful examples and confirmation that tablets can change the register relationship with customers. However, article fails to recognize one of the most powerful elements in the shift from a Register to a Tablet. That's the signing process and the bill review. It's personalized and less likely to need a big counter for the clerk to stand behind creating distance. Apart from the cost savings. Registers and checkouts are expensive. It's about time the whole process was rethought. I'd love to see more examples of iPad register executions.

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