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September 8, 2011

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My links and notes.

  • via @euan "People farming" – Companies still don’t get it – Euan's post captures why I gave up on Brand2.0 at the end of 2005. Most organizations still don't get "social" and "social tools". I'm still waiting for the big backlash – I'm sure it is coming – although not that quickly. The recipes for change are not that hard and usually start with learning to listen… better and then much better. I sense it is also time to get a better qualitative feel for this in most organization. Those real-time statistics are hiding the monster that lives in the cellar. 
  • Smiles, tears and iPads on first day of school | Good Idea or Bad Idea?? – Can't help thinking – what will the 1st graders think. While I encourage experimentation and you won't stop the kids leaning on iPad and iPods I'm not sure that school is the place for this. What I see is.. kids that have access are potentially equipped and learn to do things differently, from those that don't. I suspect the iPad generation will have an advantage. Kids that start today… growing up with a computer effectively strapped to their wrist are going to be different. Still I don't think PPT in lower school was a good idea. Yet a short class in typing helped many. What exactly will they be doing at school? And what if they won't put it down?

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