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September 13, 2011

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What we do

Recently I was asked “Stuart what are you doing these days?” as a reference to what am I working on, with who, and where’s my passion and energy.

The simple business answer is “Convo“.  We engage you in strategic conversations. We’re a team of researchers, ethnographers, facilitators and strategists that want to help you find breakthroughs that grow your business. You can learn more at

Most importantly, for me  is we have an idea and passion for developing successful Convos. The brand is working for all of us and it embodies how we think, share and work today and as people we are also growing with it. The result. We have been winning new and interesting business and some accolades. So it is a pleasure to share these quotes from two recent projects that were running concurrently – thank you, Mani and Rama!

“The Convo team is fabulous. We recently concluded a study with Convo to understand mobile phone user experience in India. Convo did a great job in the field: recruiting participants, scheduling and conducting interviews, and organizing a workshop to help build profile of Wikipedia readers. But the best part was the report, the report was extremely helpful for us in taking their insights into something that was more concrete and actionable for us. We also really liked the platform Convo built for digital diaries that allowed participants to easily share their activities with us across 3-4 weeks. I would highly recommend Convo, and their team for conducting qualitative research in India.”

Mani Pande, Head of Global Developmental Research, Wikimedia Foundation

“We engaged with Convo in 2011 to conduct a longitudinal study that took place in a Tier 1 and Tier 4 city.  I can honestly say that this was an experience I will never forget.  Every member of the team was exceptionally knowledgeable, collaborative, detail-oriented, professional and fun throughout the entire process.  The team was diligent in meeting our expectations and as a result, we were able to achieve high quality results.   I would highly recommend engaging with Convo — so that you, too,  can immerse yourself in this highly diverse, growing market!”

Rama Sawhney, Consumer Insights and User Experience Research, Intel Corporation

I could write posts on what makes a great client. Both Mani and Rama made the jobs fun – knowing when to get out of the way and by also setting a high bar. Both these projects included an immersion stage – blographies, F2F interviews, field ethnographies, etc. A co-creation stage with participant workshops. In the Intel case we workshopped the conversation inside the organization.

We have similar projects currently underway for different clients. We’ll also soon be sharing a new one year project we’re planning on launching for 2012. It focuses on highly connected kids, and involves a longitudinal study that will hope to engage a number of organizations from different industries and run over a 12 month.

I’d be happy to talk to you about Convo! There are case studies on the site.


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