Wish @danyork well. He’s working so you have control over your information and content.

September 14, 2011

in Digital Identity, VoIP

Congratulations to Dan York! He announced today that he’s taking up a new position at the Internet Society. There’s one line in his announcement that really resonated with me from his post and has been my passion for years too.

“single points of failure” and the need for services that are “distributed and decentralized” that allow you to retain control over your information and content. Readers of my blogs have seen my many posts on the theme of “the open Internet”.

As he notes it’s getting more difficult than ever. I’m sure he’ll have a real impact at the Internet Society. His dream should also be ours…. and we should all support him.  Of which he writes…

The Internet Society, or “ISOC” for short, exists to promote the idea that “the Internet is for everyone“, where “everyone” includes people all around the world… and yes, it includes the corporations, service providers, governments and other organizations, too. To support that mission, ISOC undertakes a wide variety of education and policy initiatives around the world, all with the aim of fostering the growth of the open Internet. Local “chapters” of ISOC have sprouted up around the globe pursuing these initiatives at a local/regional level. Perhaps more relevant to many readers, ISOC is the organizational home of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the group that creates the RFCs and the open standards that describe how the Internet operates today. A significant amount of ISOC’s focus is on facilitating the creation and promotion of these open standards. (For those curious to learn more,ISOC’s 2010 Annual Report is available online.)

Dan, I look forward to joining in the conversation! I’m sure you found it a hard decision. Good luck!

  • The Internet surpasses all who lead because of it – without it, where would we be.

    Here’s to Mr Dan. I don’t envy you

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