iChart Apple’s Future – The next big thing?

October 16, 2011

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The Apple world is full of fun speculation. Apple fans expect innovative new products. So let me introduce you to iChart! Apple’s upcoming killer Enterprise product.

iChart is a flip chart on steroids. It borrows the best from the past, building on the lowly paper flip chart and the easy sharing built into Electronic Whiteboards. It redefine the future of presentations. iChart breaks the monotony of the PowerPoint / Keynote presentations with live customized notations (by the presenter), audience participation, and simply pinch and zoom sorting. Finally, the flexibility of transparencies again. And yet so much more….. Airplay, video conferencing, and dual or multiscreen presentation possibilities. iChart is the future for any boardroom presentation, training room discussion; presenting the data in a format more adaptive and free flowing, enabling the presenter to work the displays in  a multi-modal fashion. Like brainstorming? Like post-its? Like enabling an audience? Let them scribble post-it notes on their iPhone or iPad and see them magically appear.

I’m not quite sure why I woke up with this idea, or if it has been suggested before. I know I’d read something about Airplay and multiplayer gaming coming to the next generation AppleTV (still speculation really out there). There’s also plenty of speculation written about whether or not Apple will enter the living room with large displays. For me…. iChart…. a huge flip chart sized display provides a perfect example of something that really uses the big screen in a new way and like the iPad which enable more personal and intimate “sales” exchanges (vs a laptop example in a doctors office) this enables a more creative conversational style around a large screen device. Perhaps a flip chart is too small. Yet I can see ad agency execs carrying it as part of a portfolio case. Importantly, iChart would take the iPad, iPhone further into the Enterprise environment. They would be great at conferences.


So would you want an iChart in your business? How would you use it?

Will iChart kill other telepresence / video conferencing products with it’s FaceTime built in? What might it mean for networked meetings? What special apps could it be loaded with? How might these be used in store? For promotions?

What would the real screen specs be? How much would it weigh? How low could the cost be? It appears the real cost will be in the screen?


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