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December 20, 2011

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My links and notes.

  • What Delicious Could Have Done (But Sadly Never Did) | Have they missed the boat again? – I've been a delicious fan for a long time. I import these bookmarks to my blog (no help from delicious), and increasingly feel like I'm one of the few that continue to use it. A bookmark with a note that is then tweeted is substantially more valuable than a Tweet. A bookmark that is added to your own blog with notes is a micro post and more searchable than delicious itself. Delicious is just part of a simple posting system for me today. The sad thing is…. it doesn't motivate me to make bookmarks and share them quite like I used to. And it should!

    On element I do like is the new image feature. Now if I could only get those back into my blog as thumbnails.

  • This 23-Inch LCD Monitor Docks with Your iPhone | The picture says it! – If you thought your PC or laptop wasn't defunct or dated then think again. One simple picture – an iPhone dock in an LCD suggests many things.

    While other than a charging function there is really no need to "dock it" if a wireless solution is used, it does provide a bridge for users to rethink what their smartphone can do for them. Eg this is a Netflix TV, or Hulu+TV without the cable or subscription (although perhaps with big wireless bills)?

    I still like this example. While we want to put a keyboard in front and have the mini touch screen with an API and some good app programming Siri will take care of it.

    I think the desire to dock (other than charge) will go away quickly. These devices are many time more adaptive when there's no wires required and they aren't limited to iPhones.

  • Siri, where did my mobile ad revenues go? | The new middle-woman? – Excellent pointer re the power of the new intermediary. Siri. Important in terms of both how we ask and how results are displayed. Disruptive!
  • Wearing Your Computer on Your Sleeve | User expectations continue to grow – The idea of wearable computing is not new and yet 2012 is bound to see real advances in this area. Experimentation is likely to go up exponentially. We've already seen the emergence of sports tracking and medical applications. Whether the new bluetooth 4.0 or NFC we are going to see a lot more seamless interactions with the world around us. The environment is likely to become more immersive and more responsive for both fun and serious intent.

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