Ethnographer’s Mobile Tools – 360 Panorama

December 28, 2011

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360 Panorama.jpgWith each advance in smartphone tech I seek to find new and easier ways to capture what I actually see in the field. I find that running a video… often doesn’t do it later when telling a story with a visual. Equally, it can be difficult to let people see things through their own lens…. and explore with their eyes the space you once walked in. An immersive panorama is one way of bringing that to life. Let others zoom in on the details and ask questions and see it how it really is.

This is an app I wish I’d had earlier this year when traveling through North Indian villages looking at alternative energy solutions. While the obvious application is a 360 degree outdoor panorama my experiments indoors suggest these types of panoramas are important for giving that feeling of what the space is really like. Often confined, without the facilities we might take for granted a picture of the interviewee doesn’t really capture the broader environment.

As we seek to move more field reporting online, whether done ourselves or via respondents….. I like the idea of 360 degree capture of the space people inhabit. This app makes it simple. The downside… it isn’t going to work well in a PPT or when you publish a hard copy.

Using the app is self explanatory. Just wave around the camera as you turn 360 and the panorama is magically stitched up for you.

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