Ethnographer’s Mobile Tools: Coach’s Eye

December 28, 2011

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CoachsEye.jpgAnother in a series…. identifying useful mobile tools we can use on the job that help us share better later. Most of us have used our mobile video function at some time. Yet when it comes to editing, telling a story around it or representing it in a way that keys in on a critical point, the video is too fast, the background voice is lousy, or too fast for the point we want to make. What you really want to do is break the video down, slow it down into individual steps, perhaps even put simple notations on that video and concurrently put your own short voice over on it. Fact is, what might have been two seconds needs to become 10 or 12 seconds. What others miss everyday…. you saw…. and can now share with others.

What’s the secret? A neat little app by TechSmith who have been capturing video on PC screens for years. (ever use Jing?). It’s called Coach’s Eye. They say: “Whether you’re working on a golf swing, football drill, soccer kick, or yoga posture…Coach’s Eye delivers “ah-ha” moments that elevate athletes from good to great.”. Well yes… and that focus is rather limiting. It does a fantastic job for working out those sporting type swings. That may be the big audience I don’t know. What I know… is works well capturing an interaction with a screen, how someone lifts a pan, or brushes a horse or any number of things we do everyday. How do you explain how to froth the milk correctly for a cappuccino? How do you capture an expert in action. This app will let you do that. It will also let you edit other videos that you have taken on your iPhone. In my view it is quick and easy.

This is one of those apps that is a down and dirty quick tool. It can get some video out. It can target what you are looking at and create an impactful… rough cut. These are great for “coaching” not necessarily for broadcast TV. They fit with my approach on how you get data in the hands of others… in way that will make a point without overdoing the production values. In other words… quick shares for small teams.

Anything I’d like fixed?

I like what this app does… and it is simple enough to work out. I’m less excited about the graphics and the in my view heavy handed use of color. It’s a slick app, the graphics make it feel a little rough around the edges.

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