Ethnographer’s Mobile Tools – Document Scan – Flipchart Capture

December 28, 2011

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DocScan.jpgAnother in this Ethnographer’s Mobile Tools series… making your SmartPhone your best friend in the field… and how to do the job a little better. You have probably used your smart phone to take pictures of the odd flip chart or to capture and remember a document type. Yet later when you look at them… they are off center, they aren’t straight and really need an edit before you pop them into something else.

Here’s an app DocScan I’ve been testing for making that simpler. I still click the photos on the run – however, I’m finding DocScan a great way to go back edit and get the twist out and make those documents appear to lie flat. That said this isn’t the best App I’ve ever seen and the cropping feature is ok but a little fussy with my big fingers. Still to do the same task otherwise I’d be uploading the photo to iPhoto, cropping and then tilting and that still won’t give the same result. I can’t do this edit in the basic iPhone crop and tilt function either. This app also give the opportunity to add a few simple notations…

Make your own choice on whether or not you need the pro version at $1.99. This enables some more output options re jpegs and pdf’s.

So, just think about next time you see some documents… how even some quick snaps can later be adjusted to lie flatter and look like what they were. Eg newspapers, magazines, picture on a wall etc. No need to worry about standing quite so straight on. Save yourself some time and click. You can use it for old family photos too…

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