Ethnographer’s Mobile Tools – Glif+ iPhone4S + Tripod

December 28, 2011

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glif.jpgWho knows what Glif means? It’s certainly cool and I don’t know how long I was waiting for this product to arrive. It seems simple…. you want to mount your iPhone4 or 4s on a tripod and click or video away. For me this gets rid of carrying a Flip around too.

The days of carrying big video cameras have disappeared. For the last few years a “flip video” and more recently the Kodak TouchVideo were my small note taking observing video cameras of choice. However, I really no longer see the need. My iPhone 4s is HD video. It has available to it more apps to edit photos and share photo’s than I have ever seen anywhere. So why not shoot your video with it? Well, till now the biggest problem has been holding it still, and / or the lack of a tripod mount.

The Glif does all it claims too. It holds your iPhone 4S securely on a Tripod. For some the biggest downside may be .. it won’t work with an iPhone case. Personally, I don’t bother with a case. It’s slimmer in the pocket that way.

Do you need the Glif or the Glif+? The Glif is probably enough for most people I got the + which comes with the serif which adds additional security when the iPhone is on the tripod. Probably good if you are going to be walking around with it. As the for the key ring attachment…. nah not for me.

There’s another part of this story you may want to explore. The Glif was created via Kickstarter. The story is here. Let it be a lesson to all of us that have had an idea or seen the need and then can’t find the product out there. You too could have gone to Tech Shop or a similar place – used a 3D printer and put the solution into the market. It’s pricey for what it really is… then it’s a bargain for what it lets you do.

Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. Now you can add a small tripod and the Glif and take your videos and photography to another level. In other words… here’s another way to get more out of your pocket.

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