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January 4, 2012

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My links and notes.

  • Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually | Totally Agree! – I've had the same experiences over the last few years with Best Buy. I once used to shop there (about 5 years ago) and almost never do now.

    As an ex-retailer who has lived through a similar experience to what's outlined here, the problems are clear and obvious. The fixes are more complex and this retailer will probably never have the time to catch up. It may simple be "one more Christmas" for Best Buy. That will make or break it.

    There's another retailer out there that is dying more slowly. Sears! Sears could still be rebuilt and has a little more time and the category reasons to go are stronger. By contrast, Best Buy has a huge ranging problem. From DVD's to Games, etc. What they must do… is bring me back into the home/lifestyle I want / seek. We need intelligent suggestions, and the aging population also needs to feel a passion for upgrading when they can easily postpone. Best Buy brought us music – they should still… they bring us movies and video… it is the how it done.

  • Facebook Poses a Far Greater Threat to the Web than Apple | More EVIL? #watchingbrief – Just to share that I am worried about all of them… Facebook, Google+, Apple, even Twitter.

    Some commentary is biased… others is long winded. We may end up in Silos although that is not new. Can we get out of Facebook? Or Google+?

    It's going to be harder to break from these networks… using the frameworks that have been so successful in building them. The opportunity still exists because mobile is exploding, and LTE is coming. That could mix things up further…. I still want to own my own data… I don't want to be forced into artificial timelines which will increasingly market lies about me.

  • Google+ Is Going To Mess Up The Internet | Google’s is Doing EVIL? #watchingbrief – "I've been a happy Google customer product for a long time, because Google tools used to enhance the Internet. But as Google ships "the Google part" of its new Google+ identity, it's breaking the Web it once helped build. I can't take it anymore."
  • In 2012: Skype is boring @evanwolff sums it up in Skype Journal – Skype was fun in 2003 to 2005 as Phil notes. What surprises me is that with the depth of passion that users have shown for it – there isn't the inventiveness and innovation around it anymore. There are so many things that could be done. When Skype launched it really changed the world. If I had a wish for Skype circa 2012 it would be reinvent the mobile space with Tango and Microsoft. They have the loyal users and still have the best audio codec. Video is ok. It is all the other things that Skype could do. It's time to start trying new stuff… not all of it will stick. A starting point would be a agile biweekly launch program. I don't see it as all that hard to sketch out.

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