Why Best Buy is Going out of Business…Gradually | Totally Agree!

January 4, 2012

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I’ve had the same experiences over the last few years with Best Buy. I once used to shop there (about 5 years ago) and almost never do now.

As an ex-retailer who has lived through a similar experience to what’s outlined here, the problems are clear and obvious. The fixes are more complex and this retailer will probably never have the time to catch up. It may simple be “one more Christmas” for Best Buy. That will make or break it.

There’s another retailer out there that is dying more slowly. Sears! Sears could still be rebuilt and has a little more time and the category reasons to go are stronger. By contrast, Best Buy has a huge ranging problem. From DVD’s to Games, etc. What they must do… is bring me back into the home/lifestyle I want / seek. We need intelligent suggestions, and the aging population also needs to feel a passion for upgrading when they can easily postpone. Best Buy brought us music – they should still… they bring us movies and video… it is the how it done.

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