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January 5, 2012

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wordpressapp.jpgWordPress isn’t just for “Blogging”. WordPress enables the ethnographer to capture a whole new world of information. At Convo we use WordPress for all sorts of things. It’s used for our Website, used for client blographies, for capturing notes, engaging participants etc. Till now, I’ve not been a big mobile WordPress fan. The app always seemed a little clunky. Yet for quick recording of on the job notes and a picture it’s great. It can also allow on the go approvals and updates when working with respondents.

Blogs enable you to categorize your activities. Tag too. With the wordpress app you can also add location dimensions. I’ve believed for years that blogs are underestimated as a reporting too. Eg Field Sales or Visit Reports. However, it was frankly impractical when limited to the laptop. Similarly, lack of pictures or video meant that capture to curation lost the immediacy and became a chore to do. Today, the mobile is making that simpler. Creating the record where you are and in the moment could never be easier. Creating a Post as an Event – makes it easier to follow-through. Using some of the other Ethnographer Tools I’ve mentioned can then be quickly integrated into that post after the event.

I’m making it one of my “new year’s resolutions” to move my blogging to my iPhone. I want to write or dictate more blogs while on the move. Siri will make that easier. Photo’s will help to bring it alive too. I feel a key element in making recording more effective is to think about the event and the recording tools that may be used as part of the set-up. Start simple and see how you go.

How to get started? If you have never had a blog before go to WordPress and create one. Use it as a test site to begin. Download the appropriate WordPress app. They exist for iPhone, Android, etc. Create some posts. You can aways delete them later.

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