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April 2, 2012

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Here’s a PC/Mobile data set below to make you really think about the web world order.  David’s not specific on the companies in his sample  although knowing him it’s likely to be very accurate  data point for the English speaking world. See his chart below, and his framing. What’s really important here is how a “mobile centric” / “iOS” view increasingly will frame how your company / organization is seen. Few businesses think mobile first. Fewer pivot on location signals. Few have worked through how to simplify and augment their services for mobile.

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Apple now owns 45% of the surfing experience, already surpassing Microsoft Windows at 38% – and it’s only getting worse for Windows, as iPad sales continue to steamroll PCs. This “Android Dominance” meme is utter fiction and wishful thinking. Windows Phone? Get real. Unless you’re fine playing in a niche space, if you’re building a product or service and it isn’t designed with mobile first, it’s time to re-think it – throw out your plans and start over. I’m dead serious. What’s more, if it doesn’t thrive in an Apple-dominated mobile ecosystem, it’s also time to go back to the drawing board.

See David’s post for more of his thoughts and a link to 2010 data. How things have changed! This data is an indicator. It matters not if it is exactly right, we know everything is moving in this direction and if you are not – let it be a wake up call.


Are you surprised? I’m not really. The smartphone is having a dramatic impact on behavior. Mobile also makes exchanges with many sites easier not harder. Example signing in, or providing or getting directions etc. Mobile has the potential to reduce points of friction with customers and deliver a more pervasive experience.

Another theory is “time pass” and “check on that”. David doesn’t state his data from a POV of time on a site. That’s probably owned by Window’s still. What he states or counts is number of visits by device. For many of us… the number of visits to a site has gone up exponentially since the arrival of smartphones. Wait for a train… click. Get to the doctors… click… watching kids play soccer… click… etc. Mobile is expanding both the occasions and the situations in which organizations serve up data.

If there’s a third element in this… It is convenience. It’s just quicker to look it up on your iphone. No booting, no time to connect. Quick and easy responses. Perfect for a generation of people that never look much past the top 10 items in a google list. Often this means that the “visit” was more social in context. Eg looking for a movie, settling a discussion, finding a fact or making plans. Plus in many cases we’ll just go to an app for that…

“What’s your mobile strategy?” has been one of my big questions for a few years. It’s coming home to roost faster than expected. I’m fairly certain that exchanges with mobiles will drive more “human” interactions and expectations than the PC/Laptop ever did. Whether that is all better for humanity or for Apple we can discuss another day.

Thanks for sharing David!

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