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August 6, 2012

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My links and notes.

  • The Platform Ecosystem Wars: Rome Is Burning | Empower Mobile Users Instead – A useful summary although this is not new news. Twitter started screwing developers a long time ago. Facebook was never really trustworthy and like Skype before favored the bigger corporates or those with more monied interests.

    Facebook and Twitter need to be in Apple's stack just so they can continue to provide a simple log-in function for other apps. Apple could provide this more broadly tomorrow with an iTunes authentication system although unlikely to happen. GameCenter already does this so the capability is ready to go.

    There's a point where things tip. The thought experiment should focus on the day and time when Apple decides that helping coordinate and empower it's users is more important than the potential for mobile advertising. The way to do this is to enable personal exchanges. An early example of what that might look like is craigslist. The users own and control the exchange and they are broadcast of and from the mobile device. Backup to iCloud is optional.

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