Gmail Tabs were a 30 second fail for me – No Customization

July 12, 2013

in delicious

My Notes from Delicious: “Getting started with the new Gmail tabs | How To – CNET”

“Disabling the tab layout and getting back to the Gmail inbox you’re accustomed to is as simple as clicking on the “+” sign to the right of your last tab and unchecking the box next to all tabs but Primary. Then, if you change your mind down the road and want to try tabs again, you just repeat the same process of clicking on the Settings icon > Configure Inbox.”

The direction may prove useful – although I sense they more they mess with it – the less I like it. Now if I could label my own tabs and sort or drag labels there. Then I’d rather have encrypted mail services, without Google holding the key. Too useful to get rid of the desktop version doesn’t have the beauty of the iOS Gmail version and I still usually read my iPhone mail on Apple’s app. Except when I need search.
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