It’s time for enterprises to come on in to the (activity) stream. | @shelholtz it’s try try try again! :)

July 15, 2013

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My Notes from Delicious: 
“Fast-forward to today. If you’re reading this post, odds are you found it in an activity stream. You found it as a link shared via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. (Or AppNet, or…) Most everybody uses an activity stream, although it might be labeled a news feed or some other monicker. They require no geek credentials to figure out. If you follow people or brands on Facebook, stuff shows up in your activity stream, which is the default view we all see when we open “
This is the point that continues to resonate for me. The number of people in enterprises that simply say… DON’T HAVE TIME! This problem really hasn’t changed for years. Perhaps the opportunity to change it lies now in mobile rather than desktop solutions. However, that’s an area corporate IT is even less comfortable with.

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