Skype says it will kill its Desktop API by end of 2013 | Skype’s Burning Platforms Moment

July 15, 2013

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My Notes from Delicious: 

“SUMMARY: It started life as Skype Public API in 2004 and was reborn in 2011, but it is time for Skype Desktop API to sail into the sunset. Yes, Microsoft is killing it and is asking developer to instead embrace Skype URIs.”

If you didn’t know it already – Skype is effectively dead. The P2P service that launched Skype has yet to make an effective transition to mobile. If you like me have some form of VoIP phone (RTX DualPhone) then know now it will die. Use a Skype Call Recorder on the desktop to record Skype calls? It will die. Researchers won’t like that! Neither may the TV News casters. Many of us worked on the original Skype API in 2004. It was a revolution and spawned imitators (like Twitter / Facebook) that had far greater success and like Skype (has done for awhile) then spurned many of their developers. Microsoft probably learned from Nokia – and avoided another “Burning Platforms” memo. Yet effectively turning off the API is communicating much the same thing.
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