Manage Your Smart Home with a Single Gesture | Just hope the dog and cat don’t manage you.

July 16, 2013

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My Notes from Delicious: 
A team of University of Washington (U.W.) computer scientists is developing just such a system (pdf). Dubbed “WiSee,” the system uses a modified wireless router to receive and identify slight disturbances in wi-fi signals that permeate living spaces. Software algorithms interpret the hand or body gestures that create those disturbances and translate the movements into commands for controlling specific wireless devices.”
I’m not so sure we are going to be comfortable with our every gesture being read, our words listened for and our thoughts recorded. Not that these researchers are trying to do all of that…. Still this is an interesting research area and may just be the cusp on how much can be learned and nuanced from radio waves. Perhaps Darpa and the NSA are already busy with it?

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