To Predict The Future Of Technology, Figure Out How People Will Use It Illegally | Always unintended consequences

July 16, 2013

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My Notes from Delicious: 
“As a futurist, I try to think beyond the designers notes when it comes to the impacts of emerging technologies. I find that it’s often useful to imagine the unintended, seedy, improper, or illicit uses of new tools and systems. How might Invention X be hacked? How could it facilitate a user having disproportionate power over another person? How will it be used to help the user have sex? How would it enable someone to commit a crime? Thinking along those lines can help to uncover the more subtle connections between a new technology and incumbent systems, spot hidden security flaws, or even reveal markets for a product that the developer had ignored.”
I agree although note that this approach isn’t always taken to so kindly. The challenge is to leverage potential downsides into upsides – and sometimes that is going to be hard. Still if you believe that good outweighs evil and you are an optimist then this is possible.

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