How Tesla makes a Car via Wired | What’s next? Shareable Innovation?

July 18, 2013

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This is impressive! It’s been years since I stepped inside an auto plant. It looks similar and yet robots are doing things (like installing windscreens and seats) that are simply WOW. Definitely don’t stand in the wrong place at the wrong time and yes, I do hear Tesla is an exciting place to work.

So your challenge as Tesla is… How do you go beyond the innovation that is already driving Tesla today? Self-driving? Apps? Insurance? Finance? Self/automated charging? etc. etc. How do you engage your customers? How do you get me to say. My next car will be a Tesla? As in it is inevitable? I’d also borrow from the Philips Hue experience. How do you make a light bulb cost $60? In their case they added connectivity, smarts, and create a more economical multi-use experience. Apply the same to Tesla. If you are another car company – using one of my favorite questions – “What’s your Tesla strategy?” If you are a supplier to the auto industry or want to be? The same question applies.

Tesla wins when cars are sharable. Give me Taxi range for a shift. (I don’t know what it is – approx. 180 miles in New York). Make that car safer. Make it go 500000 miles rather than 100000 without me having any concerns. (Note Tesla warranty already unlimited miles on Battery for 8 years). Make it easy for me to hand over my car to others. Make my car like a Home & Income property. Think I’m crazy? No bring my super car costs down to Prius costs and I’m all in. Who will buy? The people that already buy them. Those with some money. There’s plenty of debate out there on the maths. When electric cars really change the cost of ownership then they win. Just note they don’t have to do that by being a cheaper purchase in the first place. I suspect it is coming. When Tesla works out how to get the real monthly cost to under $300. I’ll drive to work – Taxi it all day – drive home!

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