Innovation is evolution not revolution | It’s rhetorical depending on your mental model

July 18, 2013

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My quick answer to Steve’s post (via Facebook): What’s revolutionary to some is evolutionary to others. As has been quoted many times before. The future is unevenly distributed. Those that fail to look upstream and across and beyond their own industry boarders are most likely to suffer the revolution. Appropriate synthesis, injections, immersions, explorations, etc. help. The question “how could we be wrong?” powerfully can accelerate shifts in current mental maps. Some might say that question is revolutionary. To the contrary it is part of evolution.

While The Internet killed (the perception of) Innovation is most definitely hyperbolic, this take on our culture of accelerated expectations and escalated promotion is worth a read.

Do you agree that innovation is made of many long series of evolutions — not revolutions? Tech news is saturated with…

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