Why Everybody Loves Tesla | a car built outside industry rules #innovation

July 18, 2013

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“Cars were the last unconnected devices,” says Aaron Platshon, a former Tesla employee who went on to found an auto-sharing startup. “Now they’re coming online and opening up a huge number of opportunities.” Platshon grew up in Silicon Valley and used to work on old cars with his dad. “Historically, it’s been next to impossible to marry a passion of cars with a career in the technology industry,” he says. “Now Tesla has made cars relevant in a modern way, and I think it’s time for the next big iteration on how we think about vehicles.”
Good coverage for Tesla. What’s obvious is they embraced innovation and are actively seeking new and different ways to do things. That’s a huge win for both the company and the people involved. Note also the observations about who they hired. I’m also watching Tesla because they are most likely to get what a “connected car” really means.  Look at a Tesla dash and you can see the future. Is that a 3+ year lead on other automakers?

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