Brad Templeton – Report from TRB’s workshop on automated road vehicles | Great Summary.

July 19, 2013

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My Notes from Delicious: 
“The final presentation was from the DoT on the roadmap they are building for research on these cars. It was a reasonable roadmap, except there was the too-frequent overemphasis on “connected car” and the report was even called “connected automation” because it comes from the ITS program office. While DoT did not say it, the presentation included a quote that robocars can’t happen at all without communications, and while they don’t just mean DSRC here, they definitely are thinking of DSRC. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one to call out opposition to that. DSRC and V2V could be useful concepts, the the idea that they have to come first is dangerous.”
Like Brad’s observations on “levels”. These are not really levels, rather different behaviors that might be required dependent on conditions, driver requirements etc. The whole discussion around DSRC and V2V communications is bound up in special interests. More interesting would be creating effective markets for information around blackboxes. Why? Help me negotiate on getting to work on time. Or an insurance cost reduction. Maybe a safer parking spot? Tying in with my auto mechanic, or collecting points in some local driving game. Then there is always the shared option. Systems that help me share my vehicle.  Read Original Post.

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