MyNSA: Google for the Private Web

July 24, 2013

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Phil Wolff writes MyNSA: Google for the Private Web. While Google crawls and indexes the public web, the National Security Agency’s PRISM program gets our private web.

PRISM is the public service version of Google. Where Google devours the open net on behalf of its investors, advertisers, and other paying customers, PRISM is less mercenary, serving the general public without a profit motive.

PRISM’s collection is locked up tight; tighter than most private sector databases. The NSA is famous for that. That’s good. We want the highest levels of security to protect our private data.

The downside is access is limited to a few tens-of-thousands of US government workers and contractors and friends of theirs in the intelligence and law enforcement communities. It’s great that they get to effectively protect the country but it seems like there is so much more this resource could do.

What if we could unleash the power of PRISM for personal use? 

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