Shift Your Mobile Thinking – Bill’s 10 Reasons

July 30, 2013

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When was the last time your reached for your smartphone? Moments ago? I did and read Bill Gurley’s blog post in a big screen optimized format rather than a mobile optimized one – kinda funny. So, a double tap on iOS Safari. He has 10 points (listed below) that highlight the “mobile shift” currently underway. These trends just support my view and the advice I’ve been giving for a couple of years. Consider the pocket in which your business lives? What’s your business look like through the lens of a mobile screen?  What “mobile” features change the way you can do business? It applies to everything from autos, to meals. Mobile will be your bread n butter.

10 Points of impact for a mobile centric world.

Transition to a Mobile Centric World - Bill Gurley

“For a large variety of applications and service, users favor mobile applications over browser based applications. Over 455 of Yelp’s searches begin on mobile. For Zillow, 50% of home views are now on mobile. For each and every Internet company out there, mobile is rising as a percentage of all user visits. Mobile applications are instantly accessible as the smartphone is always with you. The applications can also leverage mobile-only features such as GPS search and the camera interface.”

 Transitioning to a Mobile Centric World – Bill Gurley


How are you researching changing mobile habits around your business?

Many companies are researching mobile. Many more are researching their products and services and still fail to see how mobile is recasting everything from sales, price comparisons, ordering, customer service, search, customer feedback, etc. When a customer does price comparisons in a store and refers to customer reviews online you have to pay attention.

Smartphones are subtly recasting lives from the CEO down. Its both gradual and observational. They see kids doing things, or read it in the WSJ. These may be daily things like maps in the car, or music via Pandora, or timing the BBQ. This is not a safe way to do business in the midst of a “platform change”. How “tuned-in” are you really to mobile? How are you going to accelerate your learning?

A broad acceptance that the world is changing is not a substitute for a more urgent mandate to rethink your business relationship with mobile.  As Bill’s examples supporting the list above demonstrate. Many “web companies” have already lost the battle to go mobile. He uses examples like Tripit and Yelp as new winners. Don’t think it matters? Check out Yelp for a carpenter or a Tree Service near you. Now think about  Home Advisor … The smartest thing you may do and ask today. What happens if we see our business only through a mobile lens? And you are not alone. This applies to me too. Everyday. However, seriously the easiest way to start this journey is on your mobile rethinking your company or organization. And remember, if I just whipped out my phone and want to touch your business what would I see? I could be anywhere and even that context matters.

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