iBeacon comes to MLB – Great Venue for Testing New Technology

September 27, 2013

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O.Co BaseballApple very smartly along with MLB announced another iBeacon initiative. Unlike the AppleTV discovery this one is all about entertainment. That’s a lot better than being introduced with too many tacky promotions or price off deals at retail. Perhaps the Disney App will be next?

“Essentially, we want to create micro-locations within the stadiums where you can get different experiences,” Abramson said.

By loading the free app when you get off the subway and head towards the stadium, it immediately knows you are at Citi Field. It populates a ballpark guide with information specific to the stadium, so if you were to enter Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park, the entire experience and data wouldn’t be the same.

As you near the gates, the app displays your ticket’s barcode on screen, as well as a map of where the seats are located. If tickets are loaded into Apple Passbook or purchased online through certain ticketing partners, the app will automatically pull them up. via Apple Feature to Turn MLB Stadiums Into Interactive Playgrounds.

There are many ways this can evolve in the stadiums and before long you will be paying for the popcorn or hot dog without sending your cash along the row. We may also need chargers if everyone is glued to the screens all the time.

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