Did Apple Get it Right This Time? – New SVP of Apple Retail

October 15, 2013

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BurberryApple has announced the hiring of Angela Ahrendts, soon to be ex-Burberry-CEO, as their SVP Retail & Online Stores. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on what the job spec should include. I listed five key areas that will determine success and drive the hiring choice. I had a big vision in my post and my conclusion is I expected more. Follow the link to the post, to see the challenges I laid out for this position.

What the new SVP Retail job specification should include:

  • Global Retail Vision with Emerging Market Understanding
  • Simplicity – Elegance – Experience – Brand Champion
  • StoryTelling Required
  • User Experience Design – Pocket Retail
  • Payments Innovation – Platform for 500 million Customer stores

The announcements recognize Ms Ahrendts’ emerging market success, and the branding story that Burberry has told over the last decade. When it comes to online strategy applicable to Apple I’m less certain.  I trust she will bring something new to Apple. In any case we aren’t going to know anytime soon whether the choice was brilliant or flawed. Look to Apple’s execution at retail over the next year to tell the story.  Biggest risk? Apple doesn’t progress and accelerate their Pocket Strategy.

In any case, congratulations today must go to Ms. Ahrendts, for landing the most interesting and challenging job in Retail.

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