About Me

I don’t like “About Me” pages very much. I certainly prefer sharing one to one rather than blowing  my own trumpet. There is a lot I have done and am known for. I’m thoughtful and do my best thinking when inspired and challenged by others. I have a deep seated belief that all of us are better than any one of us. What I bring is a very broad understanding of the behavioral impact of new and emerging technologies.  So, I’m very good at looking at the world from different perspectives and seeing new opportunities. I’m future oriented, positively optimistic and into research, scenarios and learning. I like facilitating group learning and designing relevant programs. I’m a highly experienced ex VP / GM marketer with years of CPG – consumer products experience who’s consulting clients have also bridged many industries and countries.

I work for Convo a company I co-founded with DinaMehta which evolved from our collaboration that began with Mosoci in 2005.  We really still have the same basic promise. We deepen your understanding of what makes your business grow. We guarantee consumer and market insights that lead to innovations in your products, brands and services. My bolding. I’m comfortable living up to this. It’s broad enough to enable collaborative design programs (Scenarios, Learning Journey’s, Blographies) and challenging. We only have an outcome when we know it is innovative and helps businesses grow. We have good people on board and a great network to pull from.

I work at an intersection of emerging concepts and consumer behavior. It’s in an emerging hot zone and it impact products, services and organizations. It’s around mashups, mobility, locations,  api’s, social networks and media. It’s evolved from P2P, communications and identity and remains an unusual intersection. A lot of my random blogging lives in and around this zone.  The summary is I’ve been blogging since 2002. (Unbound Spiral About). My blog has evolved over the years. Today it is sort of center to my Personal Cloud. Like the name says… things spiral, and there are real benefits to writing down and experimenting with one’s thoughts.

If there is a spill over from my blog it is the ability to passionately evangelize a new course or direction.  I founded Skype Journal in one of those moments long before we had all these micro publishing empires. I had millions of page views on it and still believe I was instrumental in developing the skype product and enabling investors to leverage the original sale. My passions skew to “world-changing” or “world first” products. I’ve also worked hard more than once on my own startup. The latest was Phweet (Phweet Blog) and I wrote plenty of content around that.  These demonstrate things done on a shoestring. I’ve also launched major brands with real budgets and support.  I’ve put all that in a chronological summary. Net net. I know how to get things done fast and on budget. Why? I originally qualified as an Accountant and remain a CA today.

On the personal side I still fix many things on my own cars (old Porsches). A brake job, a clutch, even more ambitious projects. I’ve done additions and full restorations on houses. I’ve also put up servers, taught myself enough to build blog sites, and even simple iPhone apps. Basically I’m wired to take things apart and fix them or make them better. I’ve always had a good understanding of how systems work.  After years of working on packaging innovation and brands I also have a pretty kean eye for design. As a result I can write a pretty good spec, detailed instructions, a gutting product review or positioning statement.

And perhaps that brings it together. I have my mind and focus firmly on creating better futures and cementing big ideas. CK Prahalad trained me on Strategic Intent. Jay Ogilvy and Napier Collyns on Scenarios. Kevin Roberts made sure I understood Ready, Fire, Aim with a clear focus on rapid execution and learning faster. More recently I’ve worked in the trenches with real “architects”. Ajay Madhok and David Beckemeyer. They build infrastructure that bring platforms together. I can’t think products today without thinking platforms.

My door is almost always open. I like talking to new people. Perhaps we can do something together.

(This remains a work in progress.)