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I'm convinced, that blogging is reshaping the way we get news. There is plenty on publishing out there. Yet as with so many products it is not until you start using them that the "intangible" start to show through.

Friends, colleagues with e-mail lists, you need to change the way you do business. As marketers, we better start thinking about new collaborative PR. We also have to expect that new "personalities" will emerge. The news is the same but different. My friends in blog world are now in cahoots with me, filtering stories I might be interested in and for which my Radio blog subscribes me. My challenge will be to find the rarified air and new thoughts over time. Potential signals for new directions. At the moment I'm far enough to scan 100's of stories in seconds and post just a few in minutes.

There are more threads in this post. My news clips, more on blog publishing (it's not just individuals that need to rethink how they publish -- where are the companies that are blogging?) an article that led to more sites and an ad slogan generator. It didn't think that much of UNBOUND SPIRAL. So I had to find more crazy quotes on spirals and the creative chaos they suggest.

Stuart's News Clips In less than four weeks I've migrated to MT.and yet continued to use Radios RSS news feeds. It's like having my e-mail subscriptions on steroids. Much faster than trying to scan outlook. I can see I will have to encourage my favorites to start their own new feeds.

As yet Radio... (I haven't worked it out) how can i post my clips in a single one click group and then clear the list. It's also clear that my subscription information like that of my colleagues should be shared. Just like the Napster hot lists we learn faster when we can see the hot lists of other. No doubt this will also lead me to track a random blog a day or more. A random Kuro5hin. Hmm.. does it exist?

I'm pretty sure I will get a news feed directly into my MT however for those of you that want to try out another service try AmphetaDesk and let me know how it goes.

Yet another publish publish... piece Livewire: Publish your heart out with easy-to-use Web tools As usual there are more clips and links to follow. The whole process is bringing back my passion for web learning journeys.

A web learning journey is simply an interactive session, typically uncovering and using illustrative examples to get groups thinking. Yet there are many other ways to do it. Suppliers demos fo online products and GROOVE members are surfing in tandem. Looking for new functionalities and new applications. The blogsphere is ripe for great commentary. The fact is too that most companies and employees don't spend enough time seeking the unknown. The web can often provide an accelerated view.

LiveWire led me to Glenda see agendacide.com/glenda: Wanted: "Creative Maximizer" and the I Can't Believe It's Not The Advertising Slogan Generator!. For a bit of fun try your brand. Not sure it worked for the Unbound Spiral, yet it worked for me. I had a laugh! Suggestions:

Promise Her Anything, But Give Her Unbound Spiral
A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Unbound Spiral.
I'd Walk a Mile for an Unbound Spiral.
This Is The Age Of The Unbound Spiral.
We're Serious About Unbound Spiral.
There's Only One Unbound Spiral
No Unbound Spiral, No Comment.

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