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Reflections on Last Weeks Blogging

I grabbed a leaf-blower today; it is that time of year. While it was dispersing leaves in random fashion I tuned out, and reflected on what type of order had emerged from my blogging this last week. I found I didnít like the tone. Reflecting, I realized that my enthusiasm had moved me too far too fast and not as constructively as I would have liked. Blogs really arenít places for thinking out loud. At least not in the format I used.

In retrospect I feel the Antiport idea may be a winner. Then I got carried away. I thought ďfinallyĒ we are closing in on an environment where turning smart mobs into business propositions is not only feasible, it is a must do. It is an area Iíve followed and talked rather passionately about. I believe we are closer than ever to seeing a paradigm shift in the making. I have many radical ideas that I poured into the Radical Innovation and Darknet posts without taking the time to frame them in a clear and compelling manner.

Now I simply will have to take the time to really make the case and apply some editing controls. Guess Iíve learnt something, and that was partly the reason for starting this blog a month ago.

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