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Innovative Collaboration

For the longest time I've had the attached scenario matrix as a plaything. (click on it to full size it). This matrix repesents a tension that exists around an innovative collaborative community. The four quadrants reflect different aspects - dimensions of community. Simply, communities require members, networking, navigation and co-creation. A sustainable community will operate in all quadrants. It's meant as reference points to promote a common language to encourage the experimentation and openness necessary for innovation and new ideas.

brandp5_small.gif There are tensions in a great matrix. On the horizontal axis it looks at personalities, reflecting the individuality and the commonalities in all of us. At one end we have the need for divergent experimental thought and ideas; chasing our dreams. At the other end the need for a common language, alignment and reference points; pressure to conform. The vertical axis highlights the structural tension between open source sharing, contrasted with the need for some value creation engine that makes it sustainable. The top half may also be seen to represent where value is created and the bottom half how we capture it. I suspect the processes and methods around this axis are ready for some real innovative ingenuity!

Then there is a complementary matrix which takes into account the knowledge strategies necesary to lead an organization. Rather cryptically labelled, I think the real question is around the Jazz quadrant. As organizations, most of us have our composers, and piano players while the orchestral choir simply hums along. Yet that quadrant represented by the frontline staff (leverage) and the network receives possibly the least attention of all. This is an opportunity quadrant for almost every organization I know. It's a world in which the pace, the collison of ideas, products and services, inspire adaptive responses and insight in both participants and audience. It's the jazz club jamming metaphor and it is crucial to your innovation proposition

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