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Summing Up Supernova Day One

Summary Supernova: Interesting day. The kick- off reconfirming that decentralization is one of the driving forces and aided with an unconventional tech conference start. Howard's pitch taking consumer examples reflecting the potential longer term shift in the power structures. I was never completely sure how many techies were really paying attention. I hope they were listening!

The reality then that for much of the rest of the day, real implications for consumers weren't tested. The Microsoft presentation failed to mention customers, much less consumers and while IBM is clearly more customer centric, their focus remains facilitating integration amongst their enterprise clients.

The Beyond the Web discussion began to fire. Take a look at what Karl Jacob is doing with Cloudmark a P2P spam filtering system. I'll revisit it after the conference. He had probably the most provocative consumer centric comments the whole day. Breaking just before lunch, an active discussion around digital identity, scalability of Amazon etc. emerged.

After lunch despite David Weinberger's best attempt to focus in on collaboration discussion away from technology and back with communites and socialization, --- the enterprize factor seemed to kill ingenious new ideas. This was a group significantly restricted by structure, and current rules of govenance. The decentralized world --- is not being created in these organizations. If you are interested in collaboration, the answer is look outside your organizations --- forget about the "and" and just simply start using - experimenting with tools out there.

The last panel - almost in stealth provided the most useful degree of pragmatism. Nice clash between Cory's -- EFF thoughts, and two realistic emergent businesses in Listen and TIVO. They are perhaps closer together than we think --- and I'm sure they would disagree with that comment.

Final SUMMARY: We need an IDENTITY SYSTEM! Don't expect traditional enterprises to provide any solutions. If you are in business remain pragmatic, and continually negotiate the shift between structured and centralized and unstructured - empowered and decentralised. Consider carefully the risks to the Innovation Commons. Update your organizations IP policies. Make them work cross-platform, cross-industry and for the benefit of your customers customers.

Kevin summing up: What have we learned? Two conferences. One physically as the one in cyberspace by blogs. Interesting to watch the interplay. It is pretty remakable how many concepts were just thrown out 3-4 years ago. It is remarkable how much is still happening. Thought we would be talking about the unanswered issues of the web era. But still haven't worked out some of the implications of the PC. Couple of words... infrastructure... what does it mean and how do you dreaw the line. That is the theme tomorrow. Reinventing infrastructure. What forma of control are acceptable, how do we process?

There is also plenty of other content and perspective recorded. See Doc Searles weblog.

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