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Supernova Day Two - Closing.

The conference is wrapping up. Positive crowd. It's surpassed my usual criteria... one great idea / insight and at least 5 new connections. Those thoughts will wait for some more reflective time.

A great group of people here. The decentralised future remains challenging. Be thankful if you are not working for a large telecom. Embrace Wi-Fi. There are clear government issues and yet this group has not yet built a consumer case, whether for innovation, spectrum or costs. Rules of law, property, digital rights, implications for digital identity need more commentary. Particularly as I believe technology will just run round them.

We require a more reporting on metrics - from David's cable example to blogs hotspots etc. We should open up the social discussion around access and learn from third world structures. Ultimately it's consumers that will flip the communications infrastructure. The presure is coming. Whether from 15 year olds, spam, high communications costs, new products etc. Some consumer research is required. Is there a dynamic segmentation round blogs? Who's really explored IM behavior? More granularity is required. Gamer Segments?

It is big! The methods and means we use to communicate are undergoing the most radical change since the move from morse code to the telephone. The disruption is much larger than the move from the LP to the CD or mainframe to PC. That to me is what is really at issue here. "How we communicate, socialise, connect, interact. Decentralization can take us into a world of business models, structures, networks, plumbing etc. Infrastructure clearly is what makes it what it is....

And that's not what people buy! Or how marketers can market. Enterprise solutions aren't how you talk to them. Vision can take us into a world where reputations, trust, access, exchanges - simply people come alive. Always on mobility will be a given. Let's enrich the experience. Perhaps Sony, Nokia, EA Arts? Like IM there are a whole lot of new products that will move into the workplace. BLOGS is just an example.

That brings me to my final thought for now. I mentioned in the blogging piece that no one mentioned they do it to "accelerate learning". In a decentralized world with so much brain power in the room we need to set aside a portion of the time to rub heads in an "OPEN SPACE" style forum. There are also additional opportunities to connect people in new ways. Some bloggers did. The friction points in the room could have easily prototyped some new solutions. We should ask for ideas and enable them to be prototyped!

KW wrap... conference is a starting point. What haven't we talked about enough here? What might we talk about in the future.

Government and Digital Identity. What we haven't learned.

Mechanisms for connecting in a decentralized world. The schema...

Centralized vs Decentralized theme and understanding the pivot points. Things you never want to centralize. What are they?

What are the economic reasons for decentralising? A way for different people to pay for the whole thing? As a business model?

More resolution on the categories of infrastructure..
Business models, what is it creating the ability to create all this stuff at the edge? Organizational models for decentralised centralised

SIP, Instant Messaging and .....
Grid Computing ... Lack of discussion
INSIDE The firewall ... why is it such a hassle. Grass roots tech in the enterprise...

DRM vs Fair Use.

Consumer Electronics and non PC devices... eg Cameras.

KW We know the internet has changed the world. Our task going forward is to explain it!

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