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Nick Denton is following his hunches in his weblog media posting perhaps termed "nano-publishing". If you want a model for how to build a magazine on a budget this might be it.

However, what's more he says "The more ambitious is a news filtering system, about which more below. That project launches later in 2003." The link is broken, still at Supernova this sounded a lot like the idea behind Sense Connect.

Yesterday when asked about wishes for the future Nick said: (approximately) "Want a personal news one-page of items day - hour etc. The capability to locate myself within a social network, and then 1 -2 -3 degrees out recommending things to me.

That's interesting and perhaps can be built on. I added new blogs to my blog roll this morning. Now can someone give me the power to view additions to linked rolls at 1 degree, 2 degrees, 3 degrees.... IE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS RUNNING AROUND IN MY PERIFERAL VISION? Using RSS feeds in a real-time window. Equally who got booted? That might make them more interesting. Bet I'd learn faster. More importantly... automating the news feed would eliminate my manual need to add to it. Then perhaps I could have some reminder features too, like show me it again in a month etc. while making it more intelligent and adding reputation features.

Of course this sounds a lot like what OpenCola was doing, so I checked to see if it had died and there's an offering and free trial. A personal version just launched at a librarians conference. Not quite the same thing still worth further study.

Nick also said here "Marketers are increasingly aware of the power of weblogs to establish word-of-mouth for products such as movies, books and gadgets. But sponsorship buys across thousands of sites are too time-consuming, and traditional public relations outreach is more liable to irritate key influencers than persuade. "

Maybe optimistic, still if you are a gadget freak, perhaps Gizmodo is pretty cool.

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