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My thanks to Christian Hauk and compleXimple for the insight. Chris responded to the Group Jazz session and the Discovery Capital pyramid:

"really donīt like the pyramid as a metaphor too much. It seems to me that you are thinking networked, but that you live in a world where others - your clients - need pyramids."

My clients generally need pyramid busters, and busting pyramids probably accelerates learning. So there is no excuse for using a Pyramid around Discovery Capital. It's wrong! Yet even when wrong sharing it created a new insight for me. I may have been thinking building blocks at the time. When thinking spiraling innovation triangular and pyramid metaphors clearly aren't the right ones.

Christian comments:
1. On my office wall, I startet collecting metaphoric models of pyramids in a business environment, with all these nice words in and around. I stopped, thery are all so similar.
2. about half of what is to be said about pyramids is written in Terry Pratchettīs book pyramids
3. about "the pyramid and the net": this link is about biblical studies, but ignoring that, one getīs a really good comparison of the shapes.

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