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FOAF Files

Guardian Unlimited | Online | Click to the clique Good overview by Ben Hammersley of emerging social networks.

Note to self. Must check out FOAF files.

Clipped straight from the Guardian.

"A new technology, however, is being developed that will allow you to stay away from such commercial operations as Friendster and Ryze. FOAF, or "friend of a friend", is a special computer language that can be used to describe ourselves, our work and our friends."

"You can create your own FOAF file using one of many online tools and then register it with any of the many growing FOAF online applications. These are growing in number and popularity, and despite the technical aspects being, well, technical, FOAF is simple enough for the bold to join in with the development."

"FOAF files are more technical, but luckily one of the FOAF community, Leigh Dodds, has built a great little application for building them. The FOAF-o-Matic comes in two flavours. The older JavaScript version, is good, but simple.

The newer version, is more complex but not entirely polished yet. Either version asks questions and produces a file you can then place online and register at other FOAF applications, such as Jim Ley's FOAFNaut at http://jibbering.com/foaf.

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Just doing the same myself but having only recently got my head round trackback my brain hurts!

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