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Network Socializing

I’m finding myself identifying with the “human”and “social” networking aspects as I've tracked recent discussions. I feel a cause that is worthwhile. emergent and world changing. It's becoming clear that the web isn’t just evolving because of economics, it’s beginning to accelerate again as the “intangible human web” is discovered or perhaps redefined. That's why I'm excited and thinking through context-framing questions… “How will the human web evolve?” What sort of scenarios should we consider? I’m working on some.

Jan Hauser posed this context questioning an interview:

"The big question is: will whatever tips in for individual identity primarily serve commercial interests or will it also serve public and community interests?"

The following two articles via Cynthia Typaldos on THERE also caught my attention today.
From CNET and in the New York Times socializing online is becoming a more engaging experience.

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