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Info Trading Momentum

It's hard to keep up with the "connective web" at the moment much less the allconsuming.net. This post illustrates a "revolution in progress. These initiative may soon spill over into Ryze type applications as well. Simply listing a book you are currently reading may introduce you to others.

Here's what Ben had to say via Euan:

"While allconsuming.net can send you book reading recommendations (by email) based on what your friends are reading and commenting about, I thought it might be useful to be able to read any comments that were made on books that you had in your collection. "Iíve got book X. Let me know when someone says something about book X". So I whipped up a little script, booktalk, which indeed uses allconsuming.netís hooks to build a new service. What booktalk does, crontabbed on an hourly basis, is to grab a userís currently reading and favourite books lists and then look at the hourly list of latest books mentioned. Any intersections are pushed onto the top of a list of items in an RSS file, which represents a sort of 'commentary alert' feed for that user and his books. It goes without saying that the point of this is so that the user can easily monitor new comments on books in his collection by subscribing to that feed, which, aggregated by Blagg and rendered by Blosxom, would look something like this."

There is more to this story. If you read DJ Adams posting and missed Jon Udells postings on local library searches and "the disruptive web then follow the last links to pick up on them.

More on RSS feeds: From The Shifted Librarian; Jenny's perspective:

"Yeah, what he said! I used to read the Chicago Tribune online, but now I read the Sun-Times in my aggregator because someone is scraping it. I rarely had time to check the NY Times technology section every day, but now I get the headlines as soon as they're posted. Something happening in world events? I see it in my aggregator before I ever make it to my car to hear it on the radio (which I don't listen to anymore anyway) or make it home to catch the news (which I don't watch much of anymore since I get far more in-depth information online). I also don't have to keep flitting back to online news sites. Instead I get all of my news on one web page that updates automatically for me."

So do I!

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