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Visualising Social Interaction

This summary by Juan C. Dürsteler Visualising social interaction is excellent.

"Social interaction provides us with visual patterns that help us to situate ourselves in our environment. In Internet, however, this doesn't happen so easily. Some visualisations are appearing to remedy the problem."

Great mapping visuals and a link to Judith Donat's PHD thesis a small portion of the abstract is clipped below.

"The goal of this work is to develop an approach to the design of on-line social environments. My thesis is that, in order to foster the development of vibrant and viable online communities, the environment - i.e. the technical infrastructure and user interface - must provide the means to communicate social cues and information: the participants must be able to perceive the social patterns of activity and affiliation and the community must be able to evolve a fluid and subtle cultural vocabulary."

If you are looking at power laws and graphs looking here may provide thoughtful new insight. I have some reading to do.

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