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Community-Centric Communications

Steven Lundin portrays a world in which online communities are taking over the role once reserved for PR in his article The fall of PR and the rise of Community-Centric Communications.

"But what happens when the community doesn’t get its information from news sources--- which in turn may be receiving information from these selfsame public relations firms? What happens is an immediate disconnect between the company and the customer, who is part of a community. Public relations is taken out of the equation. In this scenario PR professionals are operating with two cans connected by a string, while the community is using satellite phones. The telephone lines haven’t just been broken, they’ve been permanently mothballed. "

He says no major PR firm has yet worked out the methods for community centric communiciations. That is just the point. From blogging to friends lists, communities share information based on trust and openness. If you are in business of shaping public opinion it is time to join in these nacent communities.

Another pointer to communities as infomediaries. Where is your brand today? How are you using community not just for brand development and innovation rather in conjunction with your customers. If you haven't it is time to invite them in. How will you connect, face to face amongst friends?

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