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Friends Sharing Pictures

I added yet another online location today. This time for Stuart's DigiSight as I join Marc Canter and others on Fotolog .

It's easy to use. I'll try it out and report. I'll be watching its adoption and conversion rates. At first glance it very appealing. I understand it is still quite small. It also provides an interesting contrast with a photoblog which I contemplated starting earlier this year. Ultimately I didn't see the point. Whereas with fotolog I can immediately see some opportunities for sharing. This form of "friends sharing" is more "friends caring". By caring enough to include others in your friends list and using the same systems everytime you add a photo your friends will see it. More to come.

As a final note. This is a prime example of why I need a single identity. All these sites have different profiles systems. (time waste) I need my identity under my control decentralized.

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