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Team Brief - Community Brief

This provides a brief contrast between the "Team Brief" and B-Blogs. So far there's been little discussion around blogging and the team brief concept. I suspect there is an opportunity here to combine these concepts and call it the "Community Brief".

A few weeks back Kathleen Goodwin wrote B-Blogs Cause a Stir. and followed it with another "Putting B-Blogs into action" In the second artcle some good points were made although primarily focused around newsletter strategy.

Team Briefing: was developed by the British Industrial Society 30 odd years ago. Team Briefing is a powerful method for cascading informaton up and down the organization. Team Briefings work because they involve a face to face componet and generally result in a short briefing and opportunty for feedback. Typically once a month the information will fit on a double sided standard page. A session typically lasts 30 minutes.

Team Briefs traditionally give management an opportunity to brief down and listen up. They are excellent at focusing direction, creating a culture of clear communication etc. Typically they are organized around Progress, Policy, People and Plans or Points for Action. As it cascades though the organization the core brief is augmented by team leaders. Its easy to measure the result and track the impact on culture and communications over time.

Strikes me the simple categories used in the team briefing process are an excellent way to provide structure when bringing blogs inside the organization. Then going further to reinvent the communication infrastructure. One key element in getting Team Briefs in place. You must have the support of the CEO. It will also be six months before the Org is really effective using the process.

The RSS activation of the blogs would enable then to move up down and across the organization. Tied to a Scoop / Kuro5hin type program the community would bubble up the best. Feedback would then be reversed. Coming from top down rather than bottom up.

I mentioned team brief in an earlier post. I had no idea at the time that the terminology or language isn't in common use in America. In fact when I Googled it today my earlier entry of no consequence was listed second! Thus my post today. A small attempt to provide a better link. While true that many orgs do have briefing processes, part of the discipline in the team brief is getting the feedback. Too few large organizations today have environments open enough to enable the rapid collection of feedback. It time to change that. Whether Community Briefs or C-Blogs, enabling the easy capture of briefs from everybody would be one way to raise the bar.

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