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Ryze “Front Door”

I’m so used now to clicking round Ryze and entering from an e-mail link that I’ve seldom thought about the front door! Can you remember the color? What’s it like on entry? Where’s the doorbell? How welcoming is it? What’s the hallway like when you step inside? How are you shown to your room?

Perhaps you invited friends to come and try out Ryze? When was the last time you logged out and looked at the front page to our community? That’s www.ryze.com? It’s the page non-registered users see and the one you saw before you enrolled. Every time you invite someone this is the first page that comes up. If they have clicked on your invite (Ryze can track it) but the sign on system doesn’t differ. If the invite is a referral your name will appear as they begin the sign-on process --- nothing more.

IMHO the current public face of RYZE doesn’t help much. Ask yourself is the story compelling enough? (You may have to log off to see what I mean.) What would you suggest? Think about the fears potential members may have and consider what they must overcome to try it out.

From a personal perspective when I invite someone, I’d like him or her to be able to see elements of my Ryze profile. We could build in some friends links too! Instead we get page one with testimonials. Next a money choice. Then a request to fill in name password and e-mail and if you haven’t seen an example you will probably wonder why? Most of us hate giving that e-mail out.

Often once we are in a community we take a lot for granted. It’s only when we travel the sign-on path again that we can reconsider the experience. Imagine for a moment that you are entering a wonderful store, with people and stories. In retail the foyer – entry area is often a dead zone… a pause where you get your sense of direction, a story about what happens in this place. This community needs a new storefront!

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NO! It's not compelling at all. It needs lots more coolness.

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