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Overture - Consumer Attention?

I've been thinking about Overture today. They were originally GoTo and set up to auction advertising listings. The neat thing about it is the transparency with which you can see what is being paid. What if we were to apply a model similar to this to Consumer attention?

Overture - Corporate Overview

"Overture is the world's leading provider of Pay-For-Performanceâ„¢ search on the Internet. The company was created in 1997 in response to three fundamental problems it perceived with Internet search, including poor results, random ordering of listings and a weak advertising revenue model.
The company solved these problems by creating a real-time marketplace where businesses can place targeted search listings and bid on keywords relevant to their offerings and Web site content. By bidding to the top of the results, advertisers are seeking to ensure their name will appear on search engine's results pages whenever an Internet user includes those terms in a query. MSN, Yahoo!, Lycos, InfoSpace and AltaVista are examples of companies that feature Overture results."

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