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Xpertweb Trust Circles

A feel good entry following Friday's telephone conversation with Britt Blaser. I like the direction the Xpertweb discussion is taking.

"...Stuart suggested that finer level, trust, by using an even more Googlish approach. We each develop confidence in others through their blogs and acquaintance and probably by how they handle their transactions. So Stuart suggested that we need to be able to filter ratings by who made them. How do the people in our Identity Trust Circle rate potential vendors? How do other skilled judges rate providers? For instance, what do people who write O'Reilly books think of programmers? ....... ....we might also weight opinions by location. For instance you might want to know–in a hurry–how people in your small census tract rate the local plumbers. In his Identity Trust Circles post, Stuart notes something that Doc has also been alluding to. There are a lot of people working the reputation meme and providing the web services to back up their opinions. ..... This flowering wouldn't be possible if the Net hadn't progressed beyond its basic protocols to the point we've reached: a permission-free zone where anybody with an idea can launch a web service without a preliminary buy-in by existing vested interests. This freedom to innovate is the third leg of the Net's NEA stool: Nobody owns it, Everyone can use it, Anybody can improve it. If the Net's open protocols weren't in place and agreed upon, we could never improve it with the more highly abstracted, software-only, permission-free improvements, social software really, that we can now imagine together."

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